Client goals

When Linden Group was contacted by the Village to provide a proposal for this project, our interest was sincere and intense.  As Frankfort has grown in size over the last plus 20 years so have our firm’s opportunities to design great places in their community.  With unique site specific designs, Linden Group has been able to help set a model for quality architecture in Frankfort, and the Village Board echoed these sentiments in selecting our group.  The Village’s goals were identified very simply: give us a functional memorable design that is on budget and fits the community.  

Linden Group Solution

The site design was a challenge in that we were remodeling an existing building that had to remain open during construction and attaching a dramatic new addition with varying topography at a prime corner in the Village.   Most of the existing utilities had to be relocated and a new detention pond with landscaping and pedestrian features was added, nothing on this site was left undisturbed.  The addition’s goal was to establish a tasteful monumental structure for municipal operations and a new Village Board Room/Meeting Room.  A new focal entrance and central departmental lobby was also executed to conveniently receive visitors from an expanded parking field.

Client Success

Efficiencies are found and discovered with the new design’s consolidation of operations, increased building flow, transparency of meetings, and added natural light.  The Village of Frankfort has expressed to our team how well the building has been received.  The residents are the most important element and having a new structure reflecting the community’s spirit and standards is paramount.  

The Village has a design benchmark.


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