Lansing municipal center

The new Lansing Municipal Center features a generous entrance lobby with transactions desks for the General Village Business and the Planning / Building departments. The lobby is intended to be welcoming and feature displays of Village heritage and current community events. There is a community meeting room off of the main lobby facing Ridge Road that serves Village business in the day and various community groups in the evening. There is a central corridor that runs through the Village staff office area that leads to the mayoral office. This corridor acts as a gallery that exhibits the identity of the Village.    

The Linden Group has committed to maximizing natural light for staff throughout the building and has added skylights in areas to reduce energy costs and the need for artificial light. This makes the new municipal center a more enjoyable place to visit and work. 

There have been dramatic changes to the exterior appearance of the building in order to create a place that pronounces itself as the municipal center of the Village. The new look offers an identity to Lansing.


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